Many TexSelect alumni now enjoy high-profile creative roles within the international textile, fashion and interior design industries. Some have set up as successful independent studios or businesses, and other continue to work freelance for a wide number of companies worldwide.

If you wish to work, collaborate or commission design work from any of the alumni, please contact the designers direct.  Please bear in mind that some 2017 designers may now already be in employment, be interning, or have set up their own studios.

Please note that some alumni details may have changed over the years.  Browse each years’ alumni using the year selector box below: 

Meet the 2011 Designers

Francesca Colussi


Personal Geographies is a contemporary weave/print collection exploring textures and colour, inspired by the organic complexity of maps and aerial views.
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Alydia Cooper


Blissful Bugs is a contemporary project inspired by garden flowers and creepy crawlies, using a wide variety of freehand and digital techniques.
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Georgia Dorey


My work explores the idea that a textile surface can work with the human form to shape, alter, enhance or even aid the wearer.
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Ruth Duff


Innovative woven designs developed by using dobby and jacquard weaving enhanced by screen printing to produce complex effects.
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Abigail Gardiner


The exploration and investigation into embroidery techniques and processes are fundamental to my work which focusses primarily on hand embroidery and beading.
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Chloe Hamblin


At the heart of each of my designs I aim to capture the expression of a bird's flight and variety using the shape, symmetry, tone and pattern found in a bird's wing.

Winner of the TEXPRINT 2011 Colour Prize

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Holly Holmes


Mixed prints used in a contemporary retro graphic style that combines fashion with interiors, and screen with digital print, to create a bold and fun collection.
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Karina Klucnika


My knit and mixed media textiles are rich in texture and mostly inspired by woodland, the sea, and their fauna.
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Toni Lake


Sumptuous designs rich with illustrative details, inspired by iconography paintings using egg tempera and hand-drawn animation.
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Amy Lewis


Contemporary menswear collection exploring traditional and functional techniques using a variety of digital and hand processes.
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Marie Parsons


Inspired by my own photography I reinterpret traditional stitch techniques, modernising them by combining hard and soft, using digital embroidery and laser cutting.
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Lok Ting Carol Pau


Print and jacquard woven designs inspired by sci-fi narrative of futuristic armour and the effects created by bad television reception.
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Allison Pilling


I draw and manipulate imagery to produce dynamic and complex patterns that I then digitally print onto silks creating distinctive and colourful patterns.
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Bethany Pryer


Inspired by a mix of floral, oriental, geometric and metamorphic elements. My work is quirky in design, fun, individual and courageous in colour!
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Emma Shipley


Hyper Nature is a collection derived from intricate pencil drawings which aims to capture the beautiful unpredictability of patterns in nature.

Winner of the TEXPRINT 2011 Pattern Prize

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Nancy Thomson


Woven silk and wool fabrics with a traditional British feel that incorporate playful, quirky and eccentric twists in their colour and design elements.
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Harriet Toogood


Diverse woven fabrics using various everyday materials to create new surface textures. My inspiration comes from my observations of everyday life.

Winner of the TEXPRINT 2011 Space Prize; Winner of the Woolmark Texprint Award in support of Campaign for Wool

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Catherine Tremellen


Clean contemporary knitted stripes inspired by images of stacked books and magazines; fabrics are bleached, printed and drawn on.
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Egle Vaituleviciute


I love the creative process and am inspired to explore and experiment with different mediums and to incorporate different disciplines in my design work.
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Tianmo (Momo) Wang


My project was inspired by the Central St Martins print room where I trained. This is the last year of this old print room, and I want to remember it in my own way.
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Rhiannon Williams


A playful, fun and vibrant collection using a combination of digital print, stitch and beading methods to explore the use of narrative in textiles.
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David Bradley


Inspired by the illusion of movement in surface pattern using pleating techniques to distort optical patterns creating a sense of movement about the body.

Winner of the TEXPRINT 2011 Body Prize

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Lauren Bowker


Inspired by the notion of visualising the invisible, breaking new ground through a familar medium with which we interact every day.
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Harriet Batty


Inspiration for my fashion-focussed design comes from architecture and nature, focussing on colour, intricacy and embellishment.
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