Many TexSelect alumni now enjoy high-profile creative roles within the international textile, fashion and interior design industries. Some have set up as successful independent studios or businesses, and other continue to work freelance for a wide number of companies worldwide.

If you wish to work, collaborate or commission design work from any of the alumni, please contact the designers direct.  Please bear in mind that some 2017 designers may now already be in employment, be interning, or have set up their own studios.

Please note that some alumni details may have changed over the years.  Browse each years’ alumni using the year selector box below: 

Meet the 2012 Designers

Lisa Bloomer


Specialising in weave, I combine dye, print and freehand techniques to create sustainably produced, bespoke fabrics for interiors and fashion.
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Sarah Burton


I maintain a vibrant attitude towards fashion. Inspired by circus performers my collection is theatrical yet wearable, and explores mixed media and knit.
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Dominique Caplan


I use unexpected colour schemes to communicate a sharp-edged yet fun narrative for my prints and innovative jacquard and arm loom wovens.
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Charlotte Crombie


Inspired by Moroccan architecture, using a range of knit techniques to create a collection of subtly colourful and heavily patterned designs.
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Sophia Fenlon


Intrigued by the weird and wonderful, delving into the exploration of extreme extra weft patterning gives rise to intricately constructed woven designs.
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Catherine Hodgkinson


Scrutinising hand-drawn elements, texture, mood and trends to develop designs of original character, illustrated through yarn synergy and space.
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David Warner


As a textile/fashion designer I use collage to create multi-layered work, combining these with hand-drawn elements to give a tongue-in-cheek edge
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Laura Barnes


Hand drawn designs in striking colours provoke unique vibrant printed designs with an eclectic mix of Arabic, Oriental and metropolitan themes.
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Azusa Dannohara


Pagan rituals and masquerades are the inspiration for my collection of quirky, humorous knits created using a vibrant mix of materials and experimentation.
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Fergus Dowling


Utilising contemporary imagery, informed by traditional textile composition, I create decorative and detailed illustrative print designs for fashion and interiors.
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Alice Howard-Graham


Creating printed textiles for fashion, my work is influenced by a passion for photography and my wish to retain a meticulous hand-drawn quality.
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Lily Kamper


Inspired by temple structures, I use combinations of hard and soft materials such as printed leather, etched metal and dip-dyed and lathe-turned Perspex.
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Manri Kishimoto


I believe that fashion should be bold, colourful, original and interesting which is what I try to reflect in my design and prints.

Winner of the TEXPRINT Colour Prize; Joint winner of the LULULEMON TEXPRINT Award

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Tania Grace Knuckey


My interests lie in the boundary between art and design where worlds collide and come together; research, theory and finally the crafting of unique pieces.

Winner of the TEXPRINT 2012 Space Prize

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Jacquie Lefferts


Leno weave technique is used to create lace effect cloths in rich colours that exude luxury combined with a nostalgic longing for the past.
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Sophie Manners


I love to experiment with pattern, materials and texture to create fabrics that are highly detailed reinventions of traditional weave techniques

Winner of the WOOLMARK TEXPRINT Award in support of Campaign for Wool

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Alix Massieux


Attention to detail is key in my work; mixing techniques and experimenting with embroidery to create light-hearted, vibrant and exciting fabrics.
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Trinity Mitchell


My colourful feminine collection combines a light-hearted illustrative, hand-drawn style with screen and digital printing and jacquard weaving.
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Israel Parra-Zanabria


The rich culture of Mexico drives my design work to create a vibrant floral collection combining traditional silk-screen techniques and digital processes.
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Guri Pedersen


Inspired by my Norwegian heritage and the majestic landscape, my collection explores the possibilities of combining wool with other more surprising materials.
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Sophie Reeves


My work is an exploration of the dualism between mechanised structures and natural formations creating disparate outbursts of colour and texture.

Joint winner of the LULULEMON TEXPRINT Award

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Amber Sambrook


I’m inspired by the organic textures and colours that surround me and by the idea of altering and rethinking the old to create something new and exciting.
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Carlo Volpi


I love working with colour, texture and unusual combinations of stitch structures to create vibrant, loud, playful and often three-dimensional knitwear

Winner of the TEXPRINT 2012 Body Prize

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Ying Wu


Richly detailed, fantastical and evocative concepts are originated using delicate hand drawings which I then translate into strongly graphic print designs.

Winner of the TEXPRINT 2012 Pattern Prize

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