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Meet the 2017 judges: Elsa May, Product Manager Fashion of Première Vision Paris

17 May 2017 by Roger Tredre in Fashion, Sponsors, Judges & Champions

Elsa May of Première Vision is one of the judges of this year’s Texprint Awards. We spoke to her about creativity and working for PV.

Elsa May is Chef de Produits Mode at Première Vision. That means Product Manager Fashion, and it’s an important role, not only for the company but for the industry at large.

That’s because Première Vision Paris is the world leader event for fashion industry professionals. It’s held twice yearly in Paris at the giant Paris-Nord Villepinte and is known to most people in the business simply as PV – a must-see event for anyone in the fashion and textile business.

Première Vision Designs, the specialist design show formerly titled Indigo, sits within the main PV and is a long-running major sponsor of Texprint.

Elsa May studied fashion design at ECSCP, the Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne. She then developed expertise in fashion trends at Peclers Paris, one of Europe’s best known trends research houses, an expertise that prepared her perfectly for her work at PV.

A highlight of the year for Texprint designers is the chance to exhibit at Première Vision Designs in September (Sept 19-21 are the dates in 2017). This opportunity has launched the careers of many generations of designers, some of whom return to PV later with their own studios.

PV is also where the Texprint Awards presentation is held, so it’s a key part of the calendar for Texprint – the place where Texprint interlinks with the rest of the international industry.


What do you look for when you are judging a design award?

I guess, above all, creativity, which can be expressed in various ways – the technique and the innovative process of fabrication. Which does not necessarily mean complicated. Often, the most stunning designs seem so obvious that it seems unbelievable no one thought of them.

The content and the creative process are key elements of design: sketches, mock-ups, textures that create sensations and are inspirational. These really leave a trace and stay in the mind.

Also, I look at the way the work is presented: the shape things take, the way the portfolio/garment/book is designed. And the way the students/ designers present their work – how they talk about it can be valuable.

After working at PV since 2013, you must have seen a great deal of Texprint designers’ work?

Yes, the creativity I see from Texprint is amazing. For knits or weave developments as well as prints. I really admire the work – and, to be honest, it even makes me long to go back to school!

How does the Fashion Team at PV work, and what does your job involve?

We are seven working full-time on the PV team. Each of us is in charge of a different aspect of the fashion information for the specific shows. My focus is Première Vision Designs and Fabrics.

But we all build the season together from the very beginning, from the very first research. It starts with our ‘concertation’ meetings that are held with our exhibitors and professionals from the industry twice each season. They collaborate with us to merge the reality of their developments and our projections to develop each unique season.

We then write, construct and transmit the information to our exhibitors to help them to build their collections. I’m specifically in charge of the fashion information that is sent to the design studios at PV Designs, which is apart from PV Fabrics, but also related.

The artistic direction and shape of the PV Designs forum, as well as the selection of the designs shown at the show, are the responsibility of the PV Fashion team.

Elsa May presents trends at Première Vision

How important are organisations such as Texprint in your view?

Very important. These creative students are the designers of tomorrow!

How – and where – do you find creative inspiration for your own work?

I love living in a capital because of the incredible cultural variety it has, whether it be Paris, London, Brussels, New York… And travelling around the globe – the opportunities I have with PV to discover the diversity of creative expression in countries like Japan, Brasil, Turkey. It’s infinite!

Seeing art and design exhibitions and fairs, openings, school shows, but also theatre, dance, musical venues, contemporary new ways of sound and visual design – all these are very inspiring to me. Of course, sometimes just walking around and looking up or down or close-up – in cities as well as nature – can be a great inspiration.

Première Vision, February 2017 edition

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