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Texprint alumna story: Charlotte Beevor, surface pattern designer

3 January 2016 by Roger Tredre in Alumni Stories, Home, Interiors & Auto

Designer Charlotte Beevor was an award-winning star of Texprint 2014. High time to catch up on her progress since.

Charlotte Beevor’s eye for unusual colour combinations and brilliant sense of composition made her a standout name for Texprint 2014, winning Texprint’s Colour award. The young designer, who studied at Leeds College of Art, also quickly found her work had commercial appeal – she sold four designs within the first hour as an exhibitor at Première Vision with Texprint.

Since then, she has been steadily building her reputation and working on a number of projects. She talked to us about her memories of Texprint and how she has created her own business since then.

Cushion collection designed for

It’s a year since you were with Texprint. How did the experience change you – and help you?

The experience was great in many ways. The mentoring days were fantastic because we were given information and insights into everything from legal issues (a lawyer from Liberty spoke to us about copyright) to invoicing and through to preparing for Première Vision – making us a bit more knowledgeable than other graduates.

The show in London really helped as it was only open to industry professionals and press. Those days were priceless: an opportunity to be in a room with such an array of important people, extending our communication and networking skills instantly.

My involvement with various Texprint awards gave me even more opportunity to discuss my work. By the end of the week I became quite fluent in talking about it – good practice for Paris and future shows! I was lucky enough to be shortlisted for an array of awards and won some great opportunities, including the chance to travel abroad to Italy and Vancouver, working with Lisa S.P.A in Como and Lululemon Athletica in Canada.

These opportunities really expanded my knowledge of the industry, learning to work within different parts of it. They also allowed me to grow as a person – thinking of how I travelled to new places like Vancouver, I have never had the opportunity to visit anywhere that far away before, so I’m entirely grateful for that.

Cushion collection designed for

What was the last Texprint project you were involved with?

Working with Lululemon. Myself and Federica [Tedeschi] went out to Vancouver for a couple of weeks to be briefed on our projects and get to know the company. Unfortunately, we couldn't go for the full three-month placement because of Canadian visa restrictions, so we came back and worked from home and Skyped the office of Vancouver every week. Then we went back out to Vancouver at the end of the placement to present our projects. I was working on prints for SS16, so I'm hoping to see some of the sportswear in the collection in the spring.

Tell us about what has happened since then.

I have launched interiors collaborations with sofa.comand I’ve also spent a lot of time working on an exciting stationery collaboration and window furnishing collaboration that will both launch around September/October time in 2016. I am very excited about them!

I also exhibited in 2015 at New Designers One Year On at the Business Design Centre in Islington and I am planning on launching a new collection at London Design Festival.

Do you think your creative work has changed over the past 12 months?

I do. Through working on so many different collaborations I have been lucky enough to have a lot of creative freedom. I feel this has really helped to solidify and evolve my brand. At the same time I equally enjoy working with a brief and being able to mould it and put my stamp on it while collaborating closely with the companies to bring it to the end product.

Charlotte Beevor at work in her studio

What are your plans for the future?

The immediate future is to focus on finishing my stationery and windows furnishings collaborations ready for launch in late 2016.

The longer term plan is to work towards launching my own products and a new collection and exhibiting in London to find new stockists and customers. Then I hope to start exhibiting internationally at interiors shows in Paris and New York (a little way off yet!). I would also love to continue creating collections and collaborating with different companies if the opportunities arise. It’s become a really great part of my brand and one of the things I enjoy the most.

Cushion collection designed for

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