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Texprint and AVA CAD/CAM; supporting the digital generation

7 October 2017 by TexSelect in Fashion, Home, Interiors & Auto, Sponsors, Judges & Champions

Experiencing specialist software that so comprehensively enhances the design process is rare enough for young textile design graduates. Even more rare is the company that is willing to invest generously in training young designers and encouraging their understanding of the industry.

AVA CAD/CAM is one such company.  A valued financial supporter of Texprint, it also annually awards one week of intensive hands-on training to a group of Texprint designers at its HQ in Macclesfield.

Left to right: Angelica Chrysanthou, Nicola Rowe, Duncan Ross, Debbie Buchan, Maddie Whalley, and Sophie Pope at Première Vision Paris

One of the Texprint 2016 cohort of designers, Esther Rigg was not at the time selected for this opportunity, but a year on having heard such good reports from her Texprint peers, she determined to undertake the course herself.

Esther’s design work employs hand drawing, painting and collage techniques.  Using the AVA specialist software these were scanned, then edited, manipulated and put into repeat.  “Brilliant” she enthuses,“invaluable skills to assist me in my understanding of the print design industry, and to improve my chances of finding a job.”

Esther again, “In one week I learnt so much about the software and how to use it, and about industry needs.  For example how to quickly and precisely create repeats and colourways. Using the Materialise module helped me see my work in a new way, and even to translate prints I had designed for fashion into designs suitable for furnishing, by changing the scale and altering the colours. I have been able to add real variety and depth to my portfolio.”

READ HERE about Esther’s experience on the AVA CAD/CAM blog.

AVA CAD/CAM's training room

The Texprint 2017 designers were equally thrilled and appreciative. Nicola Rowe, Sophie Pope, Maddie Whalley and Angelica Chrysanthou (who will take up her training week in 2018) were selected at Texprint London in July by AVA’s Debbie Buchan, and undertook their training week in August, one month before their showing at Première Vision Paris.

Nicola Rowe, whose work involves detailed hand-rendered techniques, enthuses:  “My training week with AVA taught me so much and completely changed my perspective on design development – the possibilities seemed endless.”

Design: © Nicola Rowe

“I had a great time!” says Maddie Whalley. “The AVA team made us feel very welcome. I enjoyed working with other Texprint designers, and the significant one-to-one training with AVA’s Kerry Walsh. We also received some really useful advice and contacts from Debbie Buchan and Duncan Ross. They were all so supportive!”

Designer Maddie Whalley with AVA's Debbie Buchan at Première Vision Paris

Nicola adds: “The AVA team were extremely kind and helpful, it is clear that they are very passionate about the software and were very keen that the Texprint designers should get as much as possible from the training. I genuinely believe that the AVA software is revolutionary within design, an invaluable tool which every designer needs!”

Designer Sophie Pope with AVA's Debbie Buchan at Première Vision Paris

And it doesn’t end there.  As Sophie Pope points out “The software is generously sponsored for 6 months post-training – this enabled me to create and improve a new collection in preparation for Premiere Vision Paris in September. The relationship now formed with the AVA team has given me a new networking platform and a great bridge into the industry. AVA recruitment frequently flag new job opportunities, and now that I have completed my training I know I will feel even more confident when applying for work within the interior design market. Thanks AVA CAD/CAM for all your support and for a fun yet very valuable weeks’ training.”

Design: © Nicola Rowe

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