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Texprint becomes TexSelect: Welcoming a new era

4 January 2018 by TexSelect in Features, TexSelect News

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Texprint has a new name. From this year, we’re called TexSelect, a title that reflects better what we do. As an incubator and mentor of design talent across all areas of textile creativity, we are much more than print.

Our new name – in its full form TexSelect / textile design futures – marks a logical evolution for us, no longer implying a solely print focus, highlighting our support for the next generation of textile designers across all disciplines as well as our unique selection process.

Every year, shortly after Easter, TexSelect invites tutors of all BA and MA textile design courses across the UK to select their most creative final year students graduating that summer.  As our funding and resources allow us to support no more than 24 graduates, tutors are asked to keep their selection to three from each major discipline and to list in order of priority. We strive to give an interview to every graduate nominated and ensure there is a representative range of colleges reflecting the size and variety of the UK’s textile courses.

In June each year, over 200 textile graduates are invited to interview in one-to-one sessions led by Peter Ring-Lefevre, TexSelect’s Creative Director, supported by many distinguished industry professionals.

TexSelect was originally set up in 1972 as part of the UK’s Design Council as a link between the skilled designers being trained at UK colleges and the textile industry. Since 1988, when government funding was withdrawn, we’ve had charity status and have relied entirely on the generosity of our Sponsors and Supporters.

Fast forward to 2018. In an uncertain but exciting world, the international fashion and interiors industries are changing fast. We feel that we should keep track with these changes by reviewing ourselves too and implementing change to the mutual benefit of our young designers, our all-important Sponsors, and the many companies that employ the talent we support.

We play such an important role in helping to fast-track the best young UK-educated textile designers into businesses where they can bring innovation, youthful energy and new dynamism. Highlighting the real value of such creative talent is of vital importance for the industry.

We see TexSelect growing in importance at the heart of the textile world – a dynamic hub for textile insight, creativity and fast-tracked experience.

In 2017, much of our focus was on developing a stronger social media voice – a strategy that has worked well for TexSelect, for the designers and for our Sponsors, particularly with our presence on Instagram.

In 2018, our change of name is also accompanied by the relaunch of our website in a new attractive and easy-to-navigate format, packed full of information about our activities and about the designers, past and present, who we support and celebrate.

We are confident that our new name will enable us to better maintain and enhance our role in connecting higher education with global industry. I hope you will agree that this evolution is long overdue and will understand the long consideration and reflection that has gone into this exciting transition.

And so we look forward to this year’s key eventsTexSelect London Preview at Chelsea College of Arts on July 4-5, followed by Première Vision Designs in Paris, September 19-21.

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